Martial Arts Tour of China

What Is The Martial Arts Tour of China: The Martial Arts Tour of China is an annual event hosted by World Martial Arts Media and is limited to just forty people. It is a one-of-a-kind, world class Chinese cultural event dedicated to the martial arts culture and traditions of the ancient Chinese arts.

Who Can Participate: The tour is open to students and teachers of Chinese Martial Arts and those who have a deep appreciation for the Chinese language and culture.

What Is Required: Each person must have a current US Passport or Visa and is responsible for their own luggage and personal effects.

What Is The Investment: The total investment for the tour is $3,500 US Dollars.

What Is Included: The group tour includes; travel from the closest international airport to Beijing, China. All in country travel, hotel and two meals daily. It also includes two daily martial arts lessons: Sunrise Tai-Chi with Master Qiu, Police Self-Defense with Officer Qiu Tien and Kung Fu with Master  Dao Zhang Yuan.


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